Octubre 2015 - Marzo 2016

Juan Obando

Obando works in cultural, social and political interstices looking for ironies and unexpected relationships that show weaknesses and special features of those systems. This artist uses social phenomena as a raw material in a critical and humorous way. For the MDE15, he intends to show two aspects of our society: In Military trucks, he instinctively investigates the extent to which armed conflict may be assimilated into a culture to the point that symbols of a military presence can become fun for adults. In Museum Mixtape, he explores the gap that normally exists between the community and the world of contemporary art.

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Inauguración MDE15 –

Cuando: 6 November, 2015 a las 2:00 pm – 11:45 pm
Donde: Museo de Antioquia, Carrera 52 # 52-43, Medellín – Antioquia, Colombia

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